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Platelet-Rich Plasma (PRP) Injections

What is PRP Therapy and How Can it Help with My Pain? 

  • Platelet-Rich Plasma (PRP) treatments are 100% natural, is a non-surgical, in-office, almost painless procedure that takes 30-45 minutes to perform. The procedure utilizes your “own” platelet enriched blood plasma to stimulate 4 different “growth factors” in the body. These growth factors and other cytokines stimulate healing and pain reduction harnessing your own innate ability to heal. Platelet-derived growth factor (PDGF), 1 of 4 found in PRP, increase cell healing “proliferation” by as much as 800%

How Does the Midwest Hormone Center Perform PRP Treatments? 

  • Your blood is drawn, processed, and the platelet rich fraction is injected into the injured site. The whole process takes less than one hour. You may experience between 2-5 days of soreness after treatment.

Can Platelet-Rich Plasma Treatments Help Heal Injuries? 

  • YES!! We are entering an era of biologic treatments where you can use your own cells to help repair other cells. This nonsurgical treatment has been used successfully in patients with injuries to their arms, shoulders, hips, knees, neck, back, elbow, ankle, feet and lower legs, particularly those that affect soft tissue areas. Platelet-Rich Plasma Injection Therapy is a breakthrough in regenerative medicine for treating slow-healing conditions such as Tendinitis, Osteoarthritis, or Sports Injuries. Many elite athletes opt for the injection treatment to eliminate pain and promote healing, without any of the recovery time needed after surgical correction.

How Many PRP Treatments are Needed for Help Repair Injuries?

  • Depending on the specific problem, multiple treatments may be required.
  • PRP therapy is a low-risk non-invasive procedure. It uses the body’s own cells and natural biological healing process. The concentrated platelet rich plasma jump starts and significantly strengthens the body’s natural healing process.

Could I Benefit From A Pain Recovery Treatment? 

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I love this place! Midwest offers a wide range of services that help their patients achieve optimal health. I have been a patient with Midwest since 2017. The testing and therapies offered helped me lose weight and increase my energy level. The staff at Midwest is great too. The ladies working their are both thorough and professional, always addressing any of my issues. They are also very caring which is one of the reasons why I recommended this place to all of my friends.
L.J. Con
L.J. Con
13:51 12 Aug 19
This place is great. Have been going here once a week for over 2 years and couldn't be happier. I'd suggest any man over 35 to get their levels checked, it can make a huge difference. Friendly professional staff - 5 stars
Kent Hill
Kent Hill
18:14 13 Aug 19
Lots of Greats; great location, great staff, and great service! Only problem I see is I can’t give them more than 5 stars! I feel amazing and rejuvenated after I leave my appointment.
JJG Ellison
JJG Ellison
16:28 14 Aug 19
I feel so good since starting testosterone and my body has changed so much. I have lost weight and have so much more energy. The girls in this office are amazing.
Kory Sheldon
Kory Sheldon
17:55 13 Aug 19
This company is not only professional, but caters to each clients specific journey; creating therapy, healing and optimization opportunities to that individuals health and whole wellness. Would recommend this practice as their culture and brand reflect how we do business at Midwest Tinting.
Midwest Tinting LS
Midwest Tinting LS
13:50 08 Jul 19
This place is so amazing they have the best humor I have ever heard. Highly recommend.
Barb Baldridge
Barb Baldridge
18:15 13 Aug 19
Midwest Hormone Centers in Leawood is hands down the best at what they do!! I highly recommend them to anyone who is interested in getting in better shape, having more energy, having better concentration and basically feeling like a million bucks! The staff is very knowledgeable and friendly and always answers your questions in a way a layperson can understand. I must say the nurses are the absolute best and they always keep me laughing and motivated. Can’t say enough positive about this place!
Wade Walters
Wade Walters
19:50 19 Sep 19

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