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3 Intimate Wellness Tips Every Woman Should Know

As women age, an imbalance of their hormone levels wreaks havoc on their intimacy and sexual function.  As women see a change in their hormone levels, they see a significant impact on their intimacy, libido, and sensation related to optimized hormone levels.

During menopause, women can suffer from vaginal dryness, decreased sex drive, and painful intercourse as well as a range of other intimate problems due to the depletion of their estrogen levels. At Midwest Hormone Centers, we’ve put together some intimate wellness tips to help you overcome the symptoms of menopause and regain your sense of intimacy and confidence in relationships.

Reduced Intimacy Related to Anxiety and Poor Mood – Progesterone

At first, we see women become mentally irritated on edge with high anxiety as the Progesterone levels decline in the body this has a direct impact on the cortisol levels in the body and a woman’s ability to relax and connect emotionally with loved ones and their mate. Progesterone is a woman’s second most important and essential hormone

This can have detrimental effects on a woman’s personal life, but with progesterone treatments, women can expect to experience reduced anxiety and reduced irritability, along with improved mood.

Decrease in Overall Desire and Sexual Sensation– Testosterone

Menopause also causes a reduction in female testosterone levels which can make it difficult for women to maintain their sex drive. The depletion of testosterone can also decrease a woman’s sexual satisfaction, as well as their sleep cycle, weight, and bone density.

With testosterone treatments, you can increase the blood flow to the clitoris, helping to improve overall sensation which can make achieving orgasm easier.

Treat Vaginal Dryness or Painful Intercourse – Estrogen3 Intimate Wellness Tips Every Woman Should Know

Vaginal dryness is another symptom caused by a lack of estrogen in the body. As your estrogen production drops, you can expect to experience varying degrees of vaginal dryness. This can make intercourse difficult and painful for menopausal women.

While there are estrogen rings that are inserted into the vagina every three weeks and release estrogen there is a more effective treatment to resolve this problem and others associated with low estrogen IM injections or pellets.

If you are experiencing painful intercourse, it is essential to visit your doctor for an exam. This can help you rule out disease or infection as the cause.  If your pain during intercourse is caused by vaginal dryness, you may consider using a lubricant that will help reduce pain and improve vaginal moisture. This is not the most convenient option because it will need to be used each time you have intercourse.

Bio-identical hormone replacement therapy is another way to treat painful intercourse if your pain is caused by vaginal dryness. With BHRT, you can restore your low estrogen levels to relieve the pain caused by vaginal dryness during intercourse.

Midwest Hormone Centers provide women with quality bio-identical hormone replacement that can help them resolve many of the intimacy issues caused by low estrogen levels. With our BHRT treatments, we can help you feel younger and more passionate in your relationships.

Are you interested in Bio-Identical Hormone Replacement Therapy? Take our Female Hormone Assessment and contact us with any questions!

I love this place! Midwest offers a wide range of services that help their patients achieve optimal health. I have been a patient with Midwest since 2017. The testing and therapies offered helped me lose weight and increase my energy level. The staff at Midwest is great too. The ladies working their are both thorough and professional, always addressing any of my issues. They are also very caring which is one of the reasons why I recommended this place to all of my friends.
L.J. Con
L.J. Con
13:51 12 Aug 19
This place is great. Have been going here once a week for over 2 years and couldn't be happier. I'd suggest any man over 35 to get their levels checked, it can make a huge difference. Friendly professional staff - 5 stars
Kent Hill
Kent Hill
18:14 13 Aug 19
Lots of Greats; great location, great staff, and great service! Only problem I see is I can’t give them more than 5 stars! I feel amazing and rejuvenated after I leave my appointment.
JJG Ellison
JJG Ellison
16:28 14 Aug 19
I feel so good since starting testosterone and my body has changed so much. I have lost weight and have so much more energy. The girls in this office are amazing.
Kory Sheldon
Kory Sheldon
17:55 13 Aug 19
This company is not only professional, but caters to each clients specific journey; creating therapy, healing and optimization opportunities to that individuals health and whole wellness. Would recommend this practice as their culture and brand reflect how we do business at Midwest Tinting.
Midwest Tinting LS
Midwest Tinting LS
13:50 08 Jul 19
This place is so amazing they have the best humor I have ever heard. Highly recommend.
Barb Baldridge
Barb Baldridge
18:15 13 Aug 19
Midwest Hormone Centers in Leawood is hands down the best at what they do!! I highly recommend them to anyone who is interested in getting in better shape, having more energy, having better concentration and basically feeling like a million bucks! The staff is very knowledgeable and friendly and always answers your questions in a way a layperson can understand. I must say the nurses are the absolute best and they always keep me laughing and motivated. Can’t say enough positive about this place!
Wade Walters
Wade Walters
19:50 19 Sep 19

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